In Today’s globalized world, internet has interconnected the social relations worldwide and made our life easier. Fashion industry is mushrooming and people are keener into new style and trends. Style and makeover broadcast all over the world. Blogging is one of the first steps to start a step of your fashion industry. If you are fashion designer or a makeup artist, you definitely need blogging site which will help in making your work and career fine. Being a fashion blogger, this is the industry where you create your own ideas and develop new things. Starting any work is like a blank page where you start from scratch and you have to develop your own creativity. However, it is not without its consequences that you may have to face the criticism, bad comments and reviews for your work is the part of business. “Success needs passion”. Photos and latest trends are important in blogging. If you don’t start somewhere, you’re gonna go nowhere. I started with some basic and simple makeup and trends of fashion. Being Chandigarh girl, I can find all latest trends of fashion in every corner. If I talk about dresses, traditional wear, Indo Western etc., trends and makeup go side by side. Let’s talk about makeup. It is the complete transformation of a person and change in his / her personality. It is a kind of magic. Different types of makeup we do according to the demands of persons. New challenges come and you need creativity and passion to do that work. Successful people win because they love what they do. Passion is the single fastest way to spur you to massive success. It is something you’re excited about. Something you get up early to work on or to stay up late.




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