13 April 2023


“The Student Organization of India (SOI) will contest the upcoming Panjab University student union election with vigour. The party has always protected the interests of the students and it will remain committed to the same in future also,” said Youth Akali Dal Leader, Ajaypal Middukhera, brother of slain Youth Akali leader Vicky Middukhera.

Ajaypal Middukhera said this during the ‘Meri Dastar Meri Shaan’ program organized on Baisakhi at Panjab University’s Student Center where he was invited as Chief Guest. Akali Dal Legal Cell President Arshdeep Kaler was also present.

Kaler said, “Vicky Middukhera was remembered by everyone present. We all felt his absence today. Vicky worked very hard in providing SOI a strong standing in PU student politics. Vicky was a true icon of students .”

The main objective of the program was to make the students aware of the importance of tying turbans in which the students enthusiastically participated. They also learnt the art of wearing a Turban.

During the occasion, Ajaypal Singh Middukhera highlighted the rich cultural history of Baisakhi also. ‘Meri Dastar Meri Shaan’ program was preceded by an ‘Ardaas’ or prayer, after which all the supporting students of the SOI party wore ‘Dastars’ or Turban.


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