21 December 2020


Rishi Arora, a young internet entrepreneur from the city has created  unique Hindi language based vlogging (video based blogging) platforms ‘Be Ghent’ & ‘Rishi Arora Youtube Channel’ which are focused on a subject which no  blogger addresses in tricity – men’s fashion & lifestyle. Rishi is tricity’s full time vlogger in this niche area.

To inspire more youngsters to pursue vlogging as a full time profession, Rishi has announced an online campaign. Rishi Arora said, “The pandemic is the time youngster’s should utilize to create business & start up ideas based on the net , instead of whiling away their time watching inconsequential content on the net. To generate awareness about the internet’s importance in the startup space, I will for the next three months hold online seminars, meets etc to inspire youngsters to use the opportunities vlogging has to offer.”

With 200+ grooming men’s videos Rishi has created a unique model of  men’s fashion & lifestyle oriented vlogging  in the region.

A middle-class boy from Ferozepur in Punjab, Rishi initially worked as a cashier and dishwasher at a McDonalds drive through. He dabbled in many small time jobs before the idea of starting Youtube Channel hit him. However four of his Youtube Channel ideas failed. But, he didn’t give in and rose like a phoenix to establish unique start up ideas in the Men’s Fashion vlogging space ‘Be Ghent’ &  ‘Rishi Arora’.

Rishi further said,”I adopted a never say die attitude and didn’t let failures bog me down. My message to young entrepreneurs is that keep dreaming and ideating & one day you will taste success. It was my simple desi ‘Hindi communication’ in ‘Be Ghent’ that became a rage among audiences on the net, Be Ghent Channel now has more than 1 Million subscribers and Rishi Arora channel has more than 72 thousand subscribers.”

Rishi added, “One should follow his or her dream come what may. I had to sell his Activa Scooty so that I could buy some equipment to improve the quality of my YouTube videos. Buying a new camera on finance; changed the profile of my start up and people started lapping up my content. “
It is noteworthy that Rishi, who has also performed at the YouTube Fanfest at Delhi in the year 2019, has many top brands in his collaboration profile like Myntra, Gillette, Philips, ET Money, Groww app, Upstox and Mama Earth.

In the current times of uncertainty, when the unemployment rates are skyrocketing; Rishi Arora’s journey as a fashion vlogger illustrates why entrepreneurship is the way forward. While technology has become more engaging than ever and can be distracting for some; one should also not overlook the many opportunities it holds.


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