16 June 2017


Leading online ecommerce portal launched their desktop app “TapShop”. First TapShop is installed in GP Supermarket SEO – 7, Sector 10, Panchkula which makes shopping easy for all walk-in customers in GP Store. Yooshopper CEO Mr. Varun Gautam told media that their team has developed this unique app for all offline customers where they can buy any steelbird product ( Helmet, Bike accessories ), Shoes, Mobile accessories, Luggage and Travel accessories, electronics , etc. Now store owner don’t require keeping stock of these categories items in their warehouse or store, items will be despatched from yooshopper warehouse. Customers have easy online payment options. Yooshopper ensures next day delivery in Tri City ( Panchkula , Chandigarh , Mohali ). CEO Varun told media that this is our first prototype device installed in panchkula and in next few weeks we will install TapShop in Chandigarh and Mohali then rest of India. He said cost of the device and app is Rs 25,000 which needs to be paid by store owner, there will be no hidden cost.
There will be no need of investment and warehouse to keep stock for the store owner, Bike riders can buy Steelbird ISI certified helmets and spare parts from this TapShop app.
For all steelbird customers, steelbird has launched their lucky draw app where they can participate after purchasing a steelbird product from TapShop app in the store. They will get a lucky draw coupon and they need to download app from to register for the draw starting 1st July 2017. A customer having that coupon is eligible for every draw in rest of life. Winner will get daily prizes, weekly Scooty and monthly Car for rest of their life.
Varun told this is the unique concept to connect peoples with the help of TapShop and Daily Lucky draw launched by Steelbird. He thanks steelbird Group MD. Rajeev Kapur for his support to the yooshopper team.
GP Supermarket owner Mr. Rajat told, now customer will have offline shopping experience with the help of TapShop. He said their staff always there to help offline walk-in customer to shop anything on TapShop device and he is sure that this app item varieties will increase customer footfall in the store.


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