28 October 2017


Woodlands House School sector -8, Panchkula organised a Craft and Project Exhibition on Saturday, 28th October 2017. Every class displayed it’s art and craft, paintings and different projects.

Craft display is an annual event of W.H.S. when parents are invited to see their children’s handiwork. Every class is assigned a different theme for the project and they work on it throughout the year.

U.K.G. class put up a project related to Let’s Curb Global Warming. L.K.G’s learned about Endangered Species & Eating Habits of Animals.

Nurseries worked on Deforestation, Let’s Plant Trees, Landforms & Conservation of Water.

Pre-Nurseries took up Spectrum Of  Colours, Nutritious Substance, Children’s Delight And Pride & Animal Kingdom.

Parents and visitors appreciated the efforts put in by children and teachers. Parents also contributed in making projects and helping throughout the year in creative work of children.



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