27 January 2020


Their bodies may have suffered damage but not their undying spirit! This group of seven young men came together to perform at Punjab Raj Bhawan for the very first time. They are all members of Flowing Karma, first of its kind music band on wheelchairs.

The seven-member band by the name of Flowing Karma got an opportunity to perform at Punjab Raj Bhawan after The Punjab Governor and UT Administrator, V.P Singh Badnore had visited the Chandigarh Spinal Rehab in Sector 28 here recently. All of them are going through rehabilitation at the rehab centre for acute disabilities like spinal cord and brain injury.

Mrs. Nicky P Kaur, Founder and CEO of the Chandigarh Spinal Rehab said, “While It was a matter of great honour for our band to perform at the Punjab Raj Bhawan on the occasion of Republic Day, the highlight of the evening was, when the wife of the Governor came up especially to compliment the band and lauded their efforts and appreciated their performance”.

Tridib Chaudhary, Lead Guitarist and the band leader said, “It was an honour beyond our dreams to be able to perform at the Punjab  Raj Bhawan, which any artist would aspire for.” Sandeep Singh, Lead Vocalist, said, “When we had our accident and the world looked the most gloomy place and life seemed intolerable to live, we never ever thought that life would take us to the Royal Gardens of the Punjab Raj Bhawan.”


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