10 February 2022


In the current storyline of Chhoti Jathani, Savreen will once again surprise the audience with her new twist to the story after her father-in-law puts forward his wish to have an heir to their family.

While everyone in the house is having a merry time, devrani Savreen has already begun with the plan to grab all the wealth in her name and not Ajooni. Not to mention, Savreen has always targeted Ajooni to fail in all her efforts to keep the family happy, since the head of the family has put forward his wish to have his heir, what will Savreen plot to seize all the prosperity or this time Ajooni will be the one to win the race being the elder daughter-in-law?

Also, in order to fulfill their father-in-law’s wish, how will the daughters-in-law Ajooni and Savreen react to it, or will this time Ajooni be one step ahead of Savreen? To know to what extent can Savreen think of to make her plans work, keep watching ‘Chhoti Jathani’, from Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM only on Zee  Punjabi.


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