20 March 2019


Holi is one of the most colourful and vibrant festivals of India, and while with Bhang and gujiyas, the singing and dancing, drenching in colours is great fun, the aftermath sometimes can be unpleasant. Doctors from Fortis Healthcare share some basic tips to be kept in mind to ensure that one does not risk permanently damaging their eyes, skin or hair.

Dr. Jatin Sharma MD Consultant Dermatologist & Cosmetologist Fortis Hospital, Mohali today gave tips for a safe Holi.

In an advisory issued here today, he said, “We often forget about the utmost attention which we need to give to our skin and hair. The following do and don’ts can certainly help us with the skin problems which erupt post Holi.

He said it is important to moisturize your body especially face and hair with Coconut oil, olive oil or your regular moisturizer. Vaseline is also a good option for moisturizing skin. He said one must wear body covering clothes to protect your skin from heat and sun-burn.

After playing holi, wash off the colours thoroughly from skin with the body- soap or body-wash, and  moisturize your skin thoroughly with coconut oil or moisturizer. Dr. Sharma said, after wash, if one feels skin irritation, apply coconut oil. But if irritation persists, it’s a good idea pay a visit to dermatologist and keep yourself hydrated and use organic and natural colours.

Dr. Sharma added, “If you have allergy to hair colour, strictly save yourself from holi colours to avoid having allergic reaction”, further advising not to use metallic colours as they can be harmful for your skin.

Dr. Sharma shares quick tips on on skin care:

Pre- and during Holi

  • One should oil or moisturize their face and body before stepping out as this prevents the colour from coming in direct contact with the skin and also ensures the easy removal of the colour. To prevent tanning of the face, SPF 40 sunscreen should be applied.
  • Wear loose cotton clothes. Long sleeved tops and full length pants.
  • Nail paint should be applied on the nails (toes and fingers) to prevent staining.
  • The hair should be well oiled so that it is protected from the harmful chemicals.


  • Take shower as soon as possible.
  • Even if colours to do not come off easily one should avoid using face scrubs. They tend to cause irritation to the skin. Mild cleansers and a generous dose of body lotion can be used while bathing.
  • Do not use harsh soap and shampoo for cleaning. Use a mild shampoo to remove oil, dirt and colour.


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