United Sikhs starts ‘Project Kirti’ to help the underprivileged



1 February 2023


Following the message of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji ‘Kirat Karo, Naam Japo, Vand Chhako’, United Sikhs initiated ‘Project Kirti’ with the aim to lift the less fortunate people out of abject poverty. Its primary objective is to instill economic self-reliance by giving severely disadvantaged individuals, access to tangible and sustainable income-generating resources such as electric rickshaws, welding sets, sewing machines, etc.
Noted actor and long-time United Sikhs associate United Sikhs Gurpreet Singh Ghuggi launched the project inPhase 1, Dugri Market, Ludhiana today.The world today is one of staggering inequalities in which a handful has everything at their disposal, and millions do not even have the resources to carry out ‘kirat’, earning money by the sweat of their brow, Gurpreet Singh Ghuggi said.Appealing everyone to support this initiative, he said, “You can transform the life of a person, and possibly that of their family and future generations. By doing so, you are giving someone the greatest gift of all – an honourable life that revolves around Kirat.” 
Sukhwinder Singh, United Sikhs Canada Director was present on the occasion said, “United Sikhs is committed for equality, rights of the minorities and upliftment of the underprivileged. Project Kirti is also an initiative in that direction.”Parminder Singh, United Sikhs India Director said, “The pious concept of Kirat is essential for functioning of a good society. We appeal all to come together to make this campaign a harbinger of a much-needed change.”

Project ‘Kirti’ is not about giving out freebies, but in keeping with the teachings of our Guru, the idea of Kirti – derived from kirat or hard work – is to encourage people to embrace diligence and dignity as a way of life. While United Sikhs will make an initial down payment to the bank for obtaining their equipment, the ones being helped will themselves be expected to make the rest of the payment for the purchase from their earnings via EMIs. While ownership of equipment will empower them, the obligation to pay off a loan will push them towards working to earn a livelihood.
UNITED SIKHS Director Amit Singh said that this is a Project Kirti is a great conduit between those in need and those who can help.


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