Union govt should stop threatening farmers by misusing NIA and immediately withdraw controversial laws: Rajinder Singh Badheri



18 January 2021


Punjab Sikh Farmer Leader and President of the Chandigarh State Unit of the All India Jatt Mahasabha and National Delegate of the Mahasabha, S. Rajinder Singh Badheri in a statement issued here today strongly condemned the clumsy moves of the Union government on the issue of three new agricultural laws and the misuse of central investigative agencies like NIA and CBI.
S. Badheri further said that now the Center was trying to intimidate and harass the farmers by using the National Investigation Agency (NIA) but the Center was not aware of the plight of Punjabis.
S. Badheri also appealed to the general public, especially Punjabis, to join hands with the farmers in the proposed ‘Tractor March’ on January 26.
S. Badheri has said that now, in fact, the Indian government has fallen into disarray and these laws are no longer being withdrawn only due to pressure from big Corporate Houses. But the government has also realized the power of farmers; That is why it is so nervous and is taking even more wrong steps.

S. Badheri also said that this has been happening during the last seven years of the NDA government at the Center; Whenever anyone criticizes him for any wrongdoing, he is raided by the Enforcement Directorate or the Income Tax Department and the Excise Department.

Now, investigative agencies like the NIA are also being misused. S. Badheri said that common people are holding on to the farmers and their agitation. Almost one agitating farmer is being martyred on the borders of Delhi every day due to severe cold. Thus, the Union government should give up its stubbornness and immediately withdraw its three controversial Agricultural Laws.


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