Under the leadership of Rajinder Singh Badheri, Shagun Rates fixed for third gender in Chandigarh



4 April 2021


Chandigarh’s ‘Super Cooperative House Building First Society Limited’ has fixed Shagun rates for ‘Third Genders’ in this capital city of Punjab for different occasions; So that there would be no problem for the general public and the third gender. Now no group will be able to come and demand more shagun from the people than these rates and no one will be able to pay less. A special meeting on the subject was held today under the chairmanship of Rajinder Singh Badheri, a prominent farmer leader and President of Chandigarh Super Cooperative House Building First Society Limited.

In this meeting, the problems of general public were discussed, those may arise during special occasions and ceremonies. In this meeting the Vice President of the Society Engineer Vinay Malik, Treasurer Engineer P.C. Sharma, Secretary Vineet Arora, Executive Members of the Society Kamaljit Kaur Brar and Manjit Kaur Saini participated.

During this meeting the amount of Shagun to be paid to the ‘Third Gender Mahant’ of Chandigarh area was fixed so that no one could demand more than that. President of Chandigarh unit of All India Jatt Mahasabha and National Delegate of Mahasabha S. Rajinder Singh Badheri also gave details of these rates.

These Shagun Rates are as follows:

Birth of granddaughter: Rs. 11,000

Birth of a grandson: Rs. 21,000

Daughter’s wedding occasion: Rs

Son’s wedding occasion: Rs. 21,000

Rates for Maternal family:

Birthday of Grand Girl Child: Rs. 5,100

Birthday of a Grand Boy Child: Rs. 11,000

Mr. Rajinder Singh Badheri said that now none would be able to press for more money than these fixed shagun rates as many people have lost their jobs due to Corona epidemic and businesses are also in recession. 


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