14 June 2021


In sector-26 Mandi, hooliganism is being done openly by the Secretary of the Market Committee Jarnail Singh Mavi and the contractor Mohhammad  Idrish. Lakhs of rupees are being made every month by illegally installing barricades on the road, which go into the pockets of the contractor and secretary.  Not only this, now the secretary has also started harassing the traders.

Press conference was held in Sector-26 in which the coconut water traders and Tempu Union have made direct allegations against the secretary and the contractor by presenting evidence. Coconut water traders Manish, Pradeep Rana, Sanjeev Goyal, Jai Shyam, Bhupinder Rana, Rajiv Sharma, Arif Shah, Pappu, Irfan, Anil Mishra, Mahinder Mishra and Hasim have leveled allegations against the market committee secretary Jarnail Singh Mavi. For the last one week, the secretary has been forcing them to leave their place of sale and sell coconut water elsewhere.  Giving information about this, coconut water trader Pradeep Rana said that he has been selling coconut water for the last many years and even after selling it at the place of the municipal corporation, he pays the fee only to the market committee.  Suddenly 1 week ago the secretary told them that they have to vacate this place as it is in the middle of the road and it causes traffic jams. He said that when the secretary was asked for one week’s time so that the coconut water worth lakhs is not wasted, even then he did not agree and started asking them to talk to the contractor.

The secretary is doing his arbitrariness and along with the contractor is also running the work of illegal parking for a long time.  Ashok Kumar Chauhan, President of Tempu Union, Rajinder Singh, Sanjay Sharma, Avinash Singh gave information about this.  Ashok said that he went to the Punjab and Haryana High Court regarding this issue and there the secretary replied that no parking charge or entry fee is being charged on the road. While video, photos were presented as evidence by Ashok. The secretary has even said in response that he has not received any complaint regarding this.  Ashok has accused the market committee of ignoring the order of the High Court.

Ashok said that every day Rehdi, tempu, trucks, all vehicles including the general public have to pay an entry fee of 20 to 150 rupees, while the word parking is written on it. The contractor takes this fee on his own free will and recovers double by cutting the slips of many people 2-3 times a day. Those who do not pay the entry fee are being beaten up. He said that along with the chowk of Sector-26 Municipal Corporation has their area, market committee is using that place to put rehdis there, in return for which they are cut off a slip of Rs 20 everyday. Even though this area belongs to the Municipal Corporation, the market committee is doing its arbitrariness there.

The complaint of this hooliganism has been made to the market committee secretary Jarnail Singh Mavi, market committee SDO MK Sharma, Chandigarh’s advisor and DC but no action has been taken.  Many news have also been published in the past regarding illegal parking, even then no one took action. Coconut water traders and Tempu Union have demanded that the hooliganism of the market committee secretary Jarnail Singh and contractor Mohhammad Idrish should be stopped and the traders and the general public should get rid of the daily troubles at the earliest.  They have demanded that these barricades should be removed, slip cutting in the middle of the road should be stopped and illegal recovery from rehdi people should be stopped. Where the parking site has been allotted, the parking slip should be deducted there only.


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