4 May 2018


Ever wondered what a trip to the end of the world would be like? Stop wondering and startplanning! After the successful completion of the maiden journey to the icy continent of Antarctica in December 2017, The Q Experiences today announced The White Continent 2018. Bring in 2019 in the white wilderness of Antarctica, as the 14 days voyage begins on 27th December 2018, with a 2 days stay in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Moreover, The White Continent 2018 is the only experience in the world which includes an overnight stay in Ushuaia, a resort town located in the southernmost tip of South America, nicknamed the ‘End of the World’.

Speaking about the uniqueness of the expedition, Mr. Vasim Shaikh, CEO & Founder, The Q Experiences said, “Our first journey to The White Continent garnered an extremely encouraging response last year. One of the most important learning for us was that travelers, today, prefer experiences which are unexplored and unique. This is what made us design the second edition of the cruise to this marvelous continent. At The Q Experienqces, each itinerary is designed meticulously to ensure that our clients gain a lifetime of unmatched memories. To add to the uniqueness, we have curated this journey in the last week of December, giving travelers a chance to bring in 2019 with their loved ones in one of the world’s most picturesque destination.”

Some interesting highlights of The White Continent 2018 are:

  • Curated exclusively for only 200 people, The White Continent 2018 will see a mix of ethnicities and cultures across the world.
  • The trip will start off with a 2 night stay at Buenos Aires along with a city tour, post which travelers will fly off to Ushuaia – the capital of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.
  • The White Continent 2018 is the only experience in the world which includes an overnight stay in Ushuaia, located in the southernmost tip of South America, nicknamed the ‘End of the World’.
  • The ship will flag off from Ushuaia and will cross the temperamental Drake Passage, and cruise through some of the most breath-taking glaciers of Neko Bay & Paradise bay. Further, the ship will anchor at Port Lockroy, sail to the largest colony of Chinstrap Penguins atDeception Island and witness the majestic Wendell Sea.
  • On board will be Jean-Louis Etienne, a true Antarctican, French doctor, explorer and scientist, well known for his Arctic and Antarctic explorations. Etienne was the first man to reach the North Pole solo overland, pulling his own sled for 63 days
  • The White Continent 2018 includes allows travelers to experience the superlative culinary crafts of the First Indian Michelin Starred Chef Atul Kochhar and catering center of excellence run by Alain Ducasse Consei

Experience the pinnacle of luxury on The Majestic Explorer as The Q Experiences introduces you to the most refined way of exploring the wilderness of the Antarctic with expert naturalists and researchers.

Day wise itinerary for The White Continent 2018 (

The 14 day travel extravaganza to the icy crowned continent ‘Antarctica’ will include:

Day 1 & 2 at Buenos Aires – Two Night stay at Buenos Aires (27th & 28th December, 2018) with a city tour on 28th December, 2018.

Day 3 at Ushuaia- Travellers arrives at Ushuaia, Argentina on 29th December, 2018. Explore Ushuaia city and enjoy your night stay at Arakur Resort & Spa

Day 4 at Ushuaia (30th December) –Exploring the Southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia and visit Tiera del FuegoNational Park. Board the ship in the evening as the Journey to Antarctica begins.

Day 5 & 6 at the Drake Passage (31stDecember and 1st January)- Experience the Drake Passage- a confluence of 3oceans: Atlantic, Pacific and Southern ocean. Watch Humpback whales on your way to the icy continent.

Day 7 at Neko Bay and Paradise Bay- As you step on the Antarctic land on 2ndJanuary explore the scenic beauty of Neko Bay and Paradise Bay

Day 8 & 9 at Port Charcot and Port Lockroy (3rd and 4th January) – Enjoy rare bird sightings like Kelp gull, South Polar Skua, Antarctic Tern and Gentoo Penguins as you reach Port Charcot. Explore Port Lockroy and visit the museum devoted to life on base during 1950s. Shop at the little store and the farthest post office and send postcards home.

Day 10 at Deception Island (5th January) – It is a caldera (a landmass created from the crater of volcanic eruption). Visit the remnants of Whaling station which has a historical significance attached to Deception Island. Currently administered by Antarctic Treaty and devoid of human habitation, many countries have fought for its ownership historically. Experience the largest colony of Chinstrap penguins in Antarctic Peninsula, Elephant seals and fur seals at the island.

Day 11 at the Weddell Sea (6th January) –The quietest place on earth, watch the Weddell Seals known as the lords of this territory.

Day 12 and 13 at Drake Passage (7th and 8th January) – On the way back to civilization, bidding adieu to Antarctica Day 14 at Ushuaia (9th January) – Return flight to Buenos Aires

The all-inclusive package for the White Continent trip starts at Rs. 9, 60,000/-.

You can watch the film which captures The Q’s maiden journey to Antarctica on


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