14 April 2018


A film has the strength to reflect the society and its nuances. Rightfully, the story and music of the movie can move the viewers to smiles and tears. They can show you a hopeful future or comment upon a glorious past. Recently many Punjabi movies have experimented with the period-drama genre and have portrayed the long forgotten, village culture on the silver screen. Daana Paani by Tarnvir Singh Jagpal is yet another story based in rural Punjab.
After receiving a promising response for the film’s trailer, the makers of Jimmy Sheirgill and Simi Chahal starrer Daana Paani have released the first song from the movie. Maavan, the track stays true to the film’s essence and takes you back to Punjab of 1962. The mellow and soulful song with 60s inspired folk music fits right into the film’s story.
The song is artfully sung by the vocalist who has recently won an international award for choosing ‘clean’ and meaningful lyrics, Harbhajan Mann. The words from Veet Baljit’s pen have the power to clinch your heart in an emotional tight hold.  The music composed by Jaidev Kumar hits the right chords and will definitely leave you craving to call up your moms back home.The movie is directed by Tarnvir Singh Jagpal. The story and screenplay is written by Jass Grewal. The movie is produced by Nanokey studios and GK entertainment in the association with Cam Art Films and Tarn Jagpal films.
Harbhajan Mann, the singer of Maavan, said, “I have always tried to stay loyal to my mother tongue and culture. I sing only those songs which I feel leave a positive impact on the listeners. When Maavan was given to me, I could not refuse to give vocals to the words that were so heartfelt. Added to the fact that the song has folksy beats, it portrays the pure yet sorrowful relationship between a mother and daughter. Maavan is probably one of the most favorite tracks of mine I have ever sung.”
Director of Daana Paani, Tarnvir Singh Jagpal, quoted, “While making a period drama, you have to pay attention to the colors and dynamics of the time it is based on. However, emotions are something you cannot play around with. The relation of a mother with her children is one of the most unconditional and pious love you’ll ever find. Maavan is our tribute to every mother and daughter.”
“Daana Paani may be a film based on the backdrop of 1962 war but the story is a rarely seen and compelling look at life in Punjab on the cusp of so much change. The song Maavan is a ballad of a mother-daughter duo caught in small world thinking and strict ideas of village living. The song will definitely make it to the evergreen list of Punjabi music industry”, said Ranbir Singh Grewal of Nanokey Studios, the producer of the film.
The song, Maavan, has already been released on 14th April on Rhythm Boyz Youtube channel.


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