13 December 2019


The film stars Binnu Dhillon, Rajat Bedi, Ihana Dhillon & Navneet Dhillon in the main roles and B.N. Sharma will be seen playing a vital role as well. ‘Golgappe’ is directed by Smeep Kang THE KING OF COMEDY and the project is being produced by Deepak Mukut, Ilaa Bedi Dutta, Manik Bedi, Bunty Raghav and Vikas Agarwal.

The unique name ‘Golgappe’ and it being directed by Smeep Kang guarantees that it will be a laughter riot.

The main lead, Binnu Dhillon was quite ecstatic as he commented, “As the name suggests, Golgappe is a comedy film with lots of flavors to savor. The film has an interesting story which we are sure that audiences will love. I’m already looking forward to seeing happy faces in the theatres.”

The Captain of the ship, Smeep Kang said, “Nowadays, people are stressed due to their hectic schedules & if I can make them forget their worries even for a few hours, I feel my work is done. ‘Golgappe’ is one such film that people from all-age groups will enjoy.”

“The entertainment industry works like a well-oiled machine these days in which most filmmakers are more concerned about making money. However, we have always preferred quality over everything else and the Punjabi Entertainment industry allows us to be creative and create content of sublime quality. With ‘Golgappe’, we will take the levels of comedy, drama, emotions, storytelling, etc. to a whole new level”, said the producers of the film.

The distribution of the film will be done by Munish Sahni’s Omjee Group & Binnu Dhillon Productions.


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