Swimming competition to be held in SS fitness club



4 July 2018


S.S Fitness Club Swimming Pool announced a competition in Swimming Pool from 15 to 18th August 2018, in which the local people who have swimming aptitude around Chandigarh Panchkula and Mohali will be take part. Suresh Thakur, the owner of the SS Fitness Club, JJ Singh Club Member were present in the press briefing, Suresh Thakur told that the youth of the Tri-city will be trained in swimming and will be tested in the competition, so that the youth can be motivated and exhibit their swimming emotions at any level.

Suresh Thakur further said that the age limit for this contest will be valid from 7 years to 18 years. Prior to this competition, Master Coach Raju, who is a known coach of Tri-city, will impart the training for the participants for the competition in a special session.

He said one of the reasons for organizing the competition is that every child is required to learn swimming from childhood so that he can protect himself and others in any natural calamity. Today, we witness many such accidents every day because of drowning in water in swimming pool and rivers. such accidents in which the educated young people of our country, like engineers, have to go to sleep due to lack of swimming. Therefore swimming is necessary not only in sports but in the modern age of today, it is also necessary to learn it from the spirit of security.


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