4 July 2022


An impressive month-long summer camp organised for tricity kids has concluded at The Wyndham, Mohali under the supervision of Yadvinder Singh, chief coach and Director Consultant Starbiz India. Nearly 50 children of different age groups participated in the camp. 

“There was great enthusiasm among kids in the month long summer camp, the grand finale of which saw children aged between 3.5 years and 14 years giving scintillating Bhangra and Bollywood dance performances,” said Yadvinder Singh.

The grand finale was graced by celebrities like Tripat Singh, fitness icon of India, Kiran Kaur, singer and actress, and Poonam Sood, actress.

Swimming was the main attraction of the camp. Apart from swimming, there were other activities such as Bollywood dance, Zumba, Bhangra, Gyming, Yoga, Aerobics and general fitness. Aqua Zumba was also taught to kids and their mothers which became a hit.

Yadvinder Singh added that the summer camp was aimed at giving the best of extra-curricular feel to the children. “I am glad that the children enjoyed the camp to the hilt, we were able to present them with extra skills during their summer vacations and their school holidays didn’t go waste” said Singh.

Children received participation certificates from Sports 13, a leading sports management organisation. Bonn Bread and Baba Ice cream also supported the summer camp. The event was organised by Starbiz India and was conceptualized by Sports 13. Creative Benchers Digitally promoted the event.

Yadvinder announced from the platform of the grand finale that he  is  now proposing fitness and sports-specific training along with body transformation. The team  will consist of highly qualified coaches, dietitians and physiotherapists and that interested parents can contact  at 9815409107.


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