Successful crop show conducted on Direct Seeded Rice demonstrating Full Page Technology for Haryana farmers


Kurukshetra, Pehowa

31 August 2022


Committed to address the impending impact of water depletion due to rice cultivation in the states of Haryana and Punjab, Savannah Seeds Pvt Ltd. conducted a successful crop show today at Village Talheri, Block-Pehowa, District Kurukshetra.  The crop show was aimed to  give first hand experience to the farmers by a team of experts from India & USA for Direct Seeding of Rice variety FullPage Sava 134.

This crop show was organised In line with the overall objective the the Govt. to bring technological advancements and practices that help ensure optimal yield and make rice cultivation sustainable and profitable for the farmers.  Senior officials of the company addressed the current challenges of rice farming in India such as excessive use of ground water resources , shortage of labor, increasing fuel & labor cost shortage, environmental impact etc.

Mr . Karsten Neuffer, Global CEO , Ricetec Inc. & Savannah seeds Pvt. Ltd., briefed that being a strong Research & Development driven rice seed company, “Our research team has developed new genetics which are suitable for sustainable rice cultivation in Haryana/Punjab states. Traditional Rice farming has serious impact on environment such as depletion of ground water & emission of harmful greenhouse gases like CO2 & N2O. Looking at the consequential aftermath of traditional rice farming its need of the hour that the farmer shifts to Direct Seeding of Rice (DSR) which helps in ground water replenishment & also has lower carbon emission.”

Mr. Ajai Rana, CEO /MD Savannah Seeds Pvt. Ltd., said that, “Despite strong efforts of the government both at field level as well as through subsidies & promotion by few Seed companies, the adoption of DSR by farming community has been slow. To enhance the adoption of DSR for sustainable & eco-friendly rice farming Savannah Seeds Pvt. Ltd. is making strong efforts for promoting DSR across Haryana & Punjab & also working on a new technology (FullPage) which will change the face of Rice farming in India. FullPage Herbicide tolerant Rice offers uniform germination, better initial growth & plant vigour and most importantly effective weed control which otherwise are the major hurdles in DSR adoption.”

Farmer Randhir Singh on whose field this crop show was conducted also told that he has been doing DSR since last 7-8 years. He has been undertaking demo of FullPage -new technology offered by Savannah Seeds Pvt. Ltd for last 2 years. He believes that this new technology offers uniform germination, better plant vigour & effective weed control. Overall, this technology is definitely beneficial for the farmers of Haryana & Punjab. He also urged fellow farmers to adopt DSR looking at depleting ground water resources & rising labour cost.
Mr. Manoj Mahuli (Director Sales & Marketing), Manoj Singh (National Sales Manager), Rajesh Kumar (Zonal Sales Manager), Sunny Sindhu (Business Manager), Alok Vishwakarma (Regional Marketing Coordinator) & Hardeep Singh (Territory Manager) were also present in this event.


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