Students of Cleopatra beauty and makeover academy celebrated colours and innovation with a message to play organic and herbal Holi



17 March 2022


Creative color makeover workshop with academy students – Holi before portions and – Holi after care tip and demo.
Spring of colors, splash and a lot of creativity – Such a fascinating sight of being filled with colors was seen in the courtyard of Cleopatra Makeover Academy where young students displayed the festival of beauty of colors in a unique color with their art as well as A message was also kept for everyone to play safe, hygienic and organic Holi. The occasion was made all the more important by the Creative Color Makeover Workshop which includes tricks to make organic colors at home, easy ways to make colors using flowers, some special fresh and attractive looks for Holi party, pre holi skin care, post holi Organized workshop on skin care.

The fun and spirit of Holi was celebrated in this festival of natural, herbal and a friendly colours, and the festive spirit was in full swing. The youth of City Beautiful were seen taking part in this festival of colors openly and on this occasion young students displayed their creativity through innovation in colorful makers and hair colours. For this innovation, he showcased his artistic art on different color themes like Rainbow Colour, Neon Color, Nature Inspired Colours, Ardy Colours, Colors set for the year 2022 by Pentagon and Neon Retro colors theme. Under this preview colorful nails, tattoos and hair couture etc. were also made with different designs which were very attractive and innovative. Apart from this, an attractive Rangoli activity was organized by this splash of colors, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the students. This festival of colors dedicated to Holi was carried forward through a special workshop whose aim was to inspire everyone to use organic, herbal and natural colors instead of using chemical-rich colors on Holi this time. To fulfill this purpose, the method of making natural and organic colors at home was also shared as well as tips on making natural colors with the aroma of flowers and aromatherapy were also shared with everyone.

On this occasion Richa Agarwal from Cleopatra Makeover Academy said, : Holi is a festival in which we celebrate with fun and enthusiasm by pouring colors on each other. , can cause damage to hair and skin.. Today through our workshop on Cleopatra, we shared how to make organic colors at home and get rid of colors from skin and hair properly and also gave a live demo on it, all students I was eager to learn these colors on seeing it.
In this workshop, it was also highlighted by beauty expert Harvin Kathuria that how you can make natural colors only from flowers like rose, sunflower, dirty etc. And how you can remove the side effects of chemical rich colors naturally. Can reverse from . The workshop also revealed how people use shampoo, bleaching or hair color to protect their hair, so that the color is removed from the hair, but the harsh color does not go away quickly. I get the problem of infection etc. and the use of bleaching increases the risk of getting rashes on the face and the color of your hair starts turning gray slowly before time, so in such a situation, taking special care of the hair, you can use mild shampoo. Use curd along with it. It will not only act as a condition for your hair but also makes your hair very strong without causing any harm.

The workshop also revealed the fact that how people use harsh scrubs on their skin like apricot and walnut scrubs to remove the color and sometimes due to rubbing faster than the scrub, the face becomes stained or the skin loses its moisture. And you also have the problem of rashes and pigmentation on the face, so how can you easily remove the color from your face by using mild scrub daily for 4 or 5 days. Not only will it remove the firm complexion from the face, but your face will glow. If you use two drops of lavender or jasmine oil in a spoonful of jojoba oil without using anything in aromatherapy, your skin related problems will be solved immediately. The tips in the workshop also shared recipes to reverse the ill effects of colors using simple ingredients you can find in your kitchen like Aloe Vera Gel, Almond Oil and Milk etc.


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