8 June 2017


NGO SPEAK India (Society for Promotion of Ethical & Affordable health Care) has decided to launch a series of street plays to bring awareness about healthy lifestyle among the residents of Chandigarh tri-city,

Giving the information, Dr. R. Kumar President of the society, informed, in the Society has decided to spread awareness in an interesting manner by organizing short plays in different parts of the city. The title of the play would be ‘Health ka Panchnama’. Artists from Impact Arts will enact the play.

The first one is scheduled for 10thJune at Plaza in sector 17 and second on 11th at Sukhna Lake. It hopes to emphasize the role of fruits and vegetables in the foods, regular exercises, plenty of water intake, adequate sleep, and ethics in every aspect of life while shunning quack remedies. The play will also focus on how important it is to avoid diet consisting of junk foods like ice-creams, cakes, Burger, noodles, coke, pasta, potato chips, etc, which leads to obesity and exposes to serious ailments like diabetes, heart ailments, hypertension, stroke, anemia and unproductive life in the long run.


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