The stare salesman gave me, looking at my body!


It is not that much gruelling being a Plus Size Fat Girl than it look, rather it’s more than that. You don’t only struggle with people and taunts and advices but also with your clothes as well. Shopping is something each and every girl love, besides it is known to be a stress-buster. But it actually is a biggest stress giving thing for Plus Size girls.
Most Plus Size girls and even boys struggle with finding perfect clothes that fit their bodies and also their budget. Sometimes Fashionable and trendy is not an option, we just need to find anything that just covers our body. Past 2-3 years have been a boon for plus sizes people that many Exclusive plus size stores and brands are made. You can now find everything in your size that too just the way you want, like something extremely trendy. But not each and every plus size person can afford all the trendy clothes provided by all Plus size brands. They look for some cheaper options outside only.
I am one of those Plus size girls who would just spend minimum amount on daily going clothes and a good amount on party ones. Recently I was just dying to buy those sexy looking shorts for myself that too in budget as it’s not possible to wear them on work. I knew that I will never get it in a 22 market or even 19 sector. So I decided to checkout malls. I along with my Bhabhi went to North Country Mall and we were just checking out clothes for her. I was just so shocked to see Salesman’s reactions as he was thinking I am looking for myself. So we just went to another section.

We went to a section where Salesgirls were standing and I would just say they were amazing. They made me comfortable and even helped me finding something for myself in budget. Still I wanted those cute looking black shorts or maybe denim ones. We kept on looking. Finally I went to denim section and found no one to help there. And didn’t even find my size. I went to the first section again and was checking out those cute blue and white shorts. We tried to call salesman for help and he was least interested in showing me anything. When he actually came to know that we are now looking for me, the stare he and his companion salesman gave me… I can never forget that.
I don’t understand why they are even standing there when they doesn’t want to help people. Moreover, Plus size people are also humans who needs clothes, be it bigger sizes how does that matter? The brands who hire them makes plus sizes available then why can’t they treat each customer as just a customer. I have never seen any salesman refusing to show clothes to any thin looking girl. Then why only plus size people have to face discrimination? It’s just one incident, I have thousands more to tell.
There is still discrimination on basis of looks, sizes and body. No matter how hard we try to stop this, only a change in mentality is needed. It’s not something that can be changed in a day or two. Parents need to tell their children to respect people no matter how they look. Especially boys, they need to be taught about respecting someone’s body. I will keep on fighting for my rights till the time each and every person in this society doesn’t take me to be one of them. And I am not going to gym or anything to reduce these sexy curves. You can check out my shorts look (*wink*).

Divya Azad



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