30 November 2020


A team of Doctors led by Dr. Harsimrat Sodhi, Senior consultant & Neurosurgeon at Fortis Hospital, Mohali performed a landmark procedure on a 73 years old patient. Mr. Jagdish Singh had lower backache for six months, radiating down his left leg, which gradually progressed. He had no relief with medications taken from a local practitioner. The patient was finally limited to bedridden status with severe debilitating pain even while lying down. The patient was brought to Fortis Hospital, Mohali.

On evaluation, he was found to have Prostate cancer, which had spread to bones. A large Tumor destroyed the L2 vertebra (spine) – its body and the spinal joint, with part of cancer lying within the spinal canal and pressing on the nerves supplying the left leg. The risk of further progression was weakness extending to both legs leading to paralysis and permanent disability. The patient was taken up for surgery by the Neurosurgery team (Brain & Spine Surgery), led by Dr. Harsimrat Bir Singh Sodhi. Surgical removal of the Tumor in the spinal canal was done, affected bone & spinal joint was removed, and spine stabilization was done with pedicle screws.

Dr. Harsimrat Sodhi said, ‘’This surgery had its own challenges. Surgery in an elderly patient and in such a sensitive location (where nerves supplying to both legs are located) was aided with the help of latest techniques including Neuro-Navigation, Intra-operative nerve monitoring (both of which are available at select centres only) and high-end microscope, all available at the Fortis Hospital Mohali. All these facilities helped give an excellent outcome to the patient and avoided any inadvertent damage to the nerves supplying the legs’’.

Postoperatively, the patient had significant pain relief and was able to walk around pain-free by the second day after surgery.


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