10 July 2019

Kulbir Singh Kalsi

“People still hesitate to talk about the topic of sex education openly and this needs to change. There should be a separate period in school to educate students at the right age” said Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha in a chat with TV show host Karan Singh Chhabra while promoting her upcoming film which deals with the same subject.

On a lighter note, Karan made the dabang girl doctor for a day and asked to give medicine s to the needy in Bollywood. “This was a funny segment where I gave her situations and she had to take names from her fraternity. On being asked Who needs to be given a medicine to stop gossiping she instantly named SIDHARTH MALHOTRA”  said Chhabra.

On working with the bubbly actress Karan added “This is probably the seventh time I am working with her. This time I shot for two episodes on the same day with her for two different channels and she is a delight to talk to anytime”


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