12 February 2021


As the examination session is approaching, students and teachers have started putting their hard work together to achieve higher. However, the result is not only their responsibility but society has equal share in the same. Social Substance, a group of resource persons is continuously visiting the schools and helping the stakeholders to hit the target.

On Feb 12, 2021, Col. Aparjeet Nakai visited the Government Model High Schools, RC2, Dhanas to take motivational sessions for better performance in examination for class Xth. Two batches of students about 25 each were formulated and received a session each. Students iterated many doubts but common of those was ‘forgetting whatever is learnt’ during the examination. Col. Nakai motivated the students in such a manner that students felt rejuvenated and requested him to take more such sessions. They committed to follow the techniques shared by Col. Nakai.

Ms. Ravinder Kaur, Principal of the school emphasized that more of such sessions is her priority and she would not let any stone unturned when it comes to welfare of students studying in her school.


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