14 August 2018


In the spirit of Independence Day, Snapdeal’s CSR arm, Snapdeal Sunshine will facilitate its customers to send Thank You Boxes to soldiers in the Indian army.

Snapdeal aims to connect the people of India to soldiers to appreciate their constant efforts to protect the country and keep us safe. For this, Snapdeal sends these soldiers a box of happiness to fill their hearts with joy.

What do users need to do?

  1. Click HERE & make your purchase.
  2. Box of Happiness will be sent to multiple army locations
  3. Army distributes boxes to soldiers

Each thank you box contains one handcrafted photo frame made by local artisans, a card thanking them for their service, a seed paper thank you card that will bloom into a marigold plant and a rakhi. The users can bestow their gift to anywhere between 10 soldiers to 800 soldiers starting 14th August. Each gift costs Rs 35.

The initiative is in partnership with 21Fools. 21Fools is a Mumbai based paper products company which creates products from seed paper or ‘Beej-Kapas’ – a paper that grows into a plant.

In the last three years, Snapdeal has sent 50,000+ Thank You boxes to soldiers posted in multiple army locations including far-off sites such as Kochi, Poonch, Siachen and Port Blair.



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