24 June 2019


Shivanand Choubey Memorial Charitable Trust organised 2nd Blood Donation Camp at Sanatan Dharam Mandir, Sector 45-C here today in loving memory of Late Shivanand Choubey. Total 190 unit blood was collected at the camp by Rotary Club, Sector 37, Chandigarh.

Chief Guest of the blood donation camp was Mr Anil Kumar Dubey, former Deputy Mayor, Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh.

Chairman Sanjay Choubey and Saroj Choubey thanks everyone for their support to make the Blood Donation Camp a success. A special thanks was given by Mr Sanjay Kumar Choubey to the Tourism Department of Haryana and Sigma Softgel Foundation for there contribution.

Ms Saroj Choubey and Mr Sanjay Kumar Choubey, Chairman, Shivanand Memorial Cheritable Trust, Chandigarh (Regd) said, “We continue doing various social activities round the year. Our organization helps poor people from time to time. In future also, the trust will continue to help needy and poor people. We are happy to hold this blood donation camp and plan to hold more such camps in future also.”

Mr Mrinal Yadav, Mr Prakash Mishra, Mr Mahender Dubey, Mr Jatinder Singh, Mr Arvind  Dubey, Sony Goel, Mr Mahender Choubey, Ms Pinky Sandhu (Pinky Mongewali), Mr Manoj Shukla, Mr Raj Pandey, Mr Shivanand Mishra, various actors and singers of Punjabi music industry, members of Samasya Samadhan Team Chandigarh, Students of Sai Institute of Skill Development, Mr Dhananjay Singh, Mr Vishambher Pathak, Mr Pushpinder, Mr Harishanker Mishra, Mr Gopal Shukla and Ramesh Rana among various others were present at the blood donation camp.

Mr Rahul Kumar Choubey, Secretary of the Trust thanked the Mandir Committee, all blood doners and volunteer along with everyone who contributed in the camp.


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