Shiv Lal Lodhi Appointed as  Acting Chief Organiser of Chandigarh Pradesh Congress Seva Dal

21 November 2018
The All India Congress Seva Dal Chief Organiser Shri Lalji Desai has appointed Mr.Shiv Lal Lodhi as Acting Chief Organiser of Chandigarh Pradesh Congress Seva Dal in place of Mr.Achhe Lal Gaur with immediate effect.
The Senior Congress leaders of the Party and office bearers of Seva Dal hailed the appointment of Mr.Shiv lal Lodhi as Acting Chief Organiser and conveyed thanks to Shri Rahul Gandhi ji, President of Indian National Congress, Shri Lalji Desai,Chief Organiser Seva Dal and Shri Manish Tewari,Former Information & Broadcasting Minister for appointing honest and dedicated worker of Congress Party who is having a  impeccable integrity  to strengthen the Congress party as well as Congress seva dal in Chandigarh.
These leaders further said that this appointment gave a  positive signal to the honest workers of the Congress Party in Chandigarh further it will enhance the morale of the Congress cadre to achieve the target of strengthening the Congress party at the grassroot level. 
All the leaders also thanks to Mrs.Raj Kumari Soni, Observer of Chandigarh Unit.
The Senior congress leaders who welcomed the appointment are Principal Gurbachan Singh, Mr Kewal Krishan, Mr.Chander Mukhi Sharma, Mr.Girish Kapoor, Mr.Jagat Sharma, Mr.JN Shastri, Mr.Chitranjan Chanchal, Mr.Datta Ram Saini, Mr.AmanSlatch,Mr sukhpreet sukhi,Mr.Dayal Partap Randhawa, Mr.Ashwani Pandu, Mr.Sajeet Kumar, Mr.OmPraskash Yadav, Mr.Kishore Kumar, Mr.Hari Parsad, Mr.Ram Asrey Verma.
Raj Nagpal congratulates Shiv lal Lodhi 
President of All India Rajiv Memorial Society (Regd.) Raj Nagpal has congratulate Mr. Shiv Lal Lodhi for his new post. He said, “we welcome Shiv Lal Lodhi on his new post and our whole team wish him good tenure for the same.”


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