23 April 2019


Come and spend a weekday at Sector 7 SOCIAL learning how to mix alongside a pro DJ – SKIP.

This session is aimed for amateur DJ’s where DJ Skip will demonstrate different kinds of setups that can be used and how these can be integrated for a live performance. This will help new DJ’s explore endless possibilities in this new era of digital DJ’ing. The idea behind “808 Sessions” is to introduce, educate and inspire our generation of artists. Any form of hip-hop is art, and as a turn tablist himself, no one understands the roots of hip hop better than DJ Skip.

Talking about the “808 Session”, DJ SKIP said, “The workshop is all about How to be a DJ and exploring all possible options of how to go about making it possible. Anyone with a basic know how of using technology can be a DJ – from a child of 6 years to a working professional – all you have to do is take some time out on weekends. One can start with mixing tapes, and playing for your friends to begin with.”

India’s pioneer turn-tablist, DJ and sound designer, DJ Skip’s signature sound is hip hopbut by no means does that confine his boundaries. Over the years his sound has evolved, grown and branched out through various genres which was vital to his success story. No surprises he was picked as the national winner of the Red Bull Thre3Style contest in 2011 and 2012 and was selected to go to Chicago to represent India.

To support that, DJ Skip possesses a skill set unlike any other, with his unique trickery on the decks. As a DJ who thinks on his feet, he fuses his innovative scratching technique s with diverse genres like Trap, Hip-Hop, Dubstep and also Deep House, Tech- House and Techno. Other than his solo project, Skip is also part of a live electronic act, B LaNK that won the MTV Ultimate DJ Championship in 2010, which took them to UK’s leading festival, Bestival in 2011 to play for a 55,000 strong audience.


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