10 December 2021


Independent candidate from Ward No. 12 in Chandigarh Municipal Corporation elections Surinder Sharma visited Sector-24. According to him, there is still a need for a lot of improvement and development in Sector-24.  He said that on visiting Sector-24, he found that this sector is far behind as compared to other sectors of Chandigarh and till now no councilor has paid attention to Sector-24.

According to Surinder Sharma, he wants to develop Sector-24 and make it very beautiful like the rest of the sectors of City Beautiful. He said that like the people of Sector-15 are my family, in the same way I want to make the residents of Sector-24 as my family. For this, I will meet the residents of Sector-24 on Sunday afternoon and listen to all their problems and solve them at the earliest.

Surinder said that whether the problem is of roads, pruning, park or any other problem faced by any resident, I will be available to solve every problem and will keep everyone along with me. Unlike other councilors who have always ignored Sector-24 and did not work for development there, I would put the development of Sector-24 at the top of my list.


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