25 August 2018


Paras Bliss Hospital in association with Rotary Club Panchkula, organised a health talk on female adolescent health & hygiene at Saarthak Government Integrated Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 12-A here today. Along with health talk more than 600 free sanitary napkins were distributed among Class 6 to 12 school students by Paras Bliss Hospital.

Dr Monica Agarwal, Senior Consultant Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paras Bliss Hospital.

gave an interactive talk to 300 Girls and 50 teachers, apart from the 50 Rotarian and spouses. Mr. Ram Pansari, President, Rotary Club Panchkula was also present among other Rotarians. He thanked the hospital authorities for making the girl adolescents aware about their health and hygiene.

“Adolescence is a special period in life when there is transition from childhood to adulthood in a gradual way which brings about many physical, psychological and emotional changes in the child. These lead to a lot of confusion and it has to be handled in a sensitive manner to pave way for a bright and healthy future”, said Dr Monica Agarwal, Senior Consultant Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paras Bliss Hospital.

Dr Monica said besides height and weight gain it is accompanied by onset of menstrual periods in girls. Periods are associated with lot of taboos in our country which we want to negate today.

“We want to spread education that it is a totally normal, healthy and biological function in girls which should not keep them from any activity. Menstrual hygiene, adolescent health, importance of diet and iron supplements is the message that we want to convey. If they practice adequate hygienic practices, use proper products, eat well and stay hydrated then this time of the month can be overcome with ease.

The doctor stressed at this stage children should be well aware of sex education, reproductive function and contraception. It should be the responsibility of parents, teachers and doctors to satisfy the curiosity of children at this stage rather than peer group, internet or any other unreliable source of information. We should be able to teach them about every new development in their body so that when they step into adulthood they are equipped with every possible information which keeps them healthy, safe and free from the various vices in the society, Dr. Monica added.


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