24 March 2019


Believing in the universality and authenticity of the idea- ‘Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’ GID Planners initiated and organised ‘Samman Aaj Ki Zarurat -Women of Worth Awards’, which witnessed Chandigarh’s first ever Spinal Injury survivor’s ramp walk and first Ever Anthem Fashion Walk.

Keeping it different from conventional forms of fashion shows, the walk witnessed six  Spinal Injury survivors’ four of whom were from Chandigarh’s Spinal Rehab , who presented themselves stylishly on the ramp, on wheelchairs. This was done on not high decibel music but a meaningful ‘Anthem’.

On the sidelines of the unique event, a media interaction with the brave Spinal Injury survivors’ was held. Kaushalya Devi, Vidya Kumari & Seerat, an 8 year old girl were present in the press meet. Nicky P Kaur – Founder, Chandigarh Spinal Rehab, Hemant Malik – Founder & CEO of GID Planners , Rishi Khanna – Owner of The Safehouse the venue partner of the event , Diksha Sachdeva – The Urban Biba (Blogger) also took part in the press meet.

Hemant Malik, Founder GID Planners said,” The event was conceptualised three years ago when I  visited Chandigarh Spinal Rehab for the first time. I heard the survivors’ stories & they touched my heart, it’s then that I decided to  bring these stories in front of people. Every year GID Planners celebrates Womanhood in March, this is our third year and this time we are celebrating with these women who have always fought with every situation. “

According to Mrs. Nicky P Kaur, Founder, Chandigarh Spinal Rehab,”Everyone has beauty, but not everyone sees it. I want these strong willed ladies to be equated at par with able bodied women  and urge that they represent India at the same level as any other international beauty pageant.”

Dr. Renéé Maschke (Physical Medical Rehab Specialist ) from Germany came specially all the way for honouring the Spinal Injury Survivors for their courage.

Kaushalya Devi, a Spinal Injury Survivor shared the story of her life with media. She said, “After the spinal cord injury I was able to resurrect my life due to the love that I received from my near and dear ones. I gradually developed confidence and realised that outer beauty is not the only aspect that symbolises a woman. There are more facets to a lady.” Vidya Kumari, another survivor said, “I believe, the trust I embody in myself has made me face life squarely.”

Dr. Renéé Maschke, (Physical Medical Rehab Specialist) From Germany said, “I always knew beauty is what we store inside us and not the outside appearance and our dear ladies have proved the same. I really appreciate this commendable work done by Hemant Malik from GID Planners.”

“We honoured these women of substance during the event, as these ladies have presented real life stories, which ensure that woman power is here to stay and that women need to be respected in our society.” Said Rishi Khanna , Owner Safehouse the venue partner of the event.

 Diksha Sachdeva (The Urban Biba – Fashion Blogger) said, “A woman  knows her worth and doesn’t measure herself against other women but stands strong, calm and self confident.”

The Spinal Injury survivors took the ramp on their wheel chairs with élan on a heart touching Anthem by Chandigarh Spinal Rehab. This new concept caught the attention of the entire audience. The beauty embodied by the confident  ladies on ramp was well presented in the ethnic wear chosen to be worn. All the survivors were honoured as an effort to celebrate the contribution of women to the society. For the entertainment of the viewers and the guests, Sara Gurpal an actress cum singer graced the event with her presence, an energetic and enthusiastic performance was given by  band D-Rugged Miracle By Rohan Batra & Shefalli Singh and a Salsa Performance (By La Baila Vista) By Zeeshan  set the stage ablaze. Dream Palm Resort also supported the event.


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