15 March 2019


Victims of 1984 riots has held accused the president of Madanpur Cooperative House Building Society in a multi crore scam of land acquisition compensation. While briefing a press conference today at Chandigarh Press Club, society members and riot victims Jasbir Singh Kalsi, Iqbal Singh Oberoi, Jaspal Singh and others said Madanpur Cooperative House Building Society was formed almost 35 years ago which were having a total member of 1083. Society bought 98.5 acres of land a village near Chappar Chirri in Mohali.

Society’s founder President Gurdeep Singh with the consent of fellow members allocated plots in categorization of 133, 200, 400 and 800 gajj through the mode of lottery. 340 members has already done the registry of their plots. Meanwhile, Punjab Govt during the construction of the Fateh Burj monument has acquired 15 acres from society. In lieu Govt duly compensated the registered plot owners and also deposited the compensation amount in the account of society with regards to non registered plots, roads and green belt provisions. “The joint selfish interests of current presidents Manmeet Singh and Mandeep Singh never informed members about this compensation. Society executive body haven’t presented balance sheet of the financial years 2016-17 and 2017-18 leading much of the non-satisfaction to fellow members.” said Jaspal Singh

Grieved members have also approached with complaints in this regard to Assistant Registrar, Deputy Registrar and Registrar of Cooperative Department but of no use. The concerned department took no action against this multi crore scam leaving clear indication that Govt officials are also the part of this scam.

Society members are in favour of paying CLU amount with an assurance that Govt should also regularize their colony. Around 300 members died within the cherish desire of their shelter during this period. The resentment in members demand from Punjab Govt to intervene in this matter and take necessary against the society’s president and concerned officials


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