20 May 2024


Senior Congress leader and candidate from Sri Anandpur Sahib, Vijay Inder Singla, declared that restoring law and order in Punjab is his top priority, stating that the current state of lawlessness in Punjab is alarming, with no individual feeling safe. Punjab, the land of saints and gurus, boasts a glorious history, and we are fully committed to eradicating crime from its roots in this sacred land. Once crime is curbed, the wave of development will naturally follow.

It is unfortunate that the Modi government, in its pursuit of votes, aims to disturb Punjab’s peace. There have been multiple occasions where the central government’s stance on Punjab was questionable.

Vijay Inder Singla enjoys a special affection from the people of Sri Anandpur Sahib, as evidenced by the large crowds gathering to hear him even in the scorching heat. On Monday, he campaigned in Garhshankar, Samundra, Basiala, Moela Wahidpur, Pehlwal, Kalewal Beat, Bhawanipur Majri, Mehindwani, Kot, Parowal, and Dohalron, accompanied by Amarpreet Singh Lalli, the constituency in-charge of Garhshankar.

Singla mentioned the heart-wrenching murder of Sidhu Moose Wala, a beloved figure among Punjab’s youth, which occurred in broad daylight on May 29, 2022, shaking the state to its core. Today, no one feels safe, and it seems like a stroke of luck if someone reaches home safely in the evening. Until organized crime is controlled in Punjab, peace cannot be restored. Political murders, extortion, drug trafficking from across the border, and attacks on police stations are rampant. Approximately 8 to 20 major gangs are active in Punjab, with about 545 gang members categorized by the police into A, B, and C classes. It is clear that the current system is not adequately empowered to tackle and prevent organized crime in Punjab. We are determined to do whatever is necessary to restore better law and order in the state.

Vijay Inder Singla also emphasized the deep affection that our esteemed leader Rahul Gandhi has for Punjab. The Congress manifesto includes 5 Justices, 25 Guarantees, and over 300 promises. Every Congress worker is fighting to protect the Constitution. The 48-page manifesto promises jobs, loan waivers for farmers, filling vacant posts, allowances for women, MSP guarantees, and more. We have included a page on constitutional justice, advocating for reforms in Parliament, the Election Commission, investigative agencies, the judiciary, media, and electoral democracy, ensuring justice at every level. Rahul Gandhi’s 25 guarantees will transform Punjab’s destiny.

In his interaction with the media, Singla reiterated his commitment to restoring law and order in Punjab, pledging to raise every issue of Sri Anandpur Sahib in Parliament vigorously and not rest until solutions are found. The people of this region are part of my family, and serving my family is my foremost duty.


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