14 June 2021


Renowned Nagpur Businessman Amit Seth and his wife Deepti (Cheena) Seth who traveled to Gurgaon on 11.06.2021 have had a complaint filed against them in Sector 53, Gurgaon, Haryana of threatening to rape and kill Divya, the wife of Ashish Ahuja who is their sister-in-law.

Divya was the director in Real Infrastructure and Energy Limited along with Ashish, Deepti and their father Rakesh Ahuja, but she alleged that her signatures were forged on multiple documents after she left Nagpur to reduce her share holing in the Company and Ahujas and Seths along with Singapore based Equicap Asia Pte Ltd and InfraCo Asia Narmada Biomass Pte. Ltd conspired to remove her as a Director. Divya produced a call recording where Ashish claimed that his father and sister were mere proxy and a front for him and he was the one running the show. Even the Honda City car in Divya’s name was transferred by forging Divya’s signatures in Nagpur.

Divya was staying in the matrimonial house in Gurgaon with her 8 year old daughter for past few days but when she found a dairy containing details of huge cash transactions in handwriting of Rakesh Ahuja and also naming Deepti in it and wanted to hand over the same to the Income Tax department, all hell broke loose.

Cheena and Amit Seth traveled from Nagpur to Delhi with Advocate Manpreet Singh Nayar and tried to barge into the house where Divya and they were armed with iron rods and wire cutter. It is alleged that they disconnected the electricity to stop the CCTV camera but it had already recorded their presence by then. Thereafter Amit and Manpreet, egged on by Cheena threatened to rape and kill Divya.

Divya had filed a police complaint in Sector 53 Gurgaon and the matter is under investigation.


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