27 August 2018


Kerala is suffering from one of the worst floods in over a century. Many organisations including KHALSA AID have been working diligently since the past few weeks in Kerala for flood relief.
Following the relief mission, relief amenities were being collected at sector 34 gurudwara from 24th to 27th August, where people around Chandigarh contributed relief amenities at gurudwara sahib which was sent today.
Relief items include:-
Toothpaste-81 boxes,Bathing soap- 112 boxes,Washing soaps- 96boxes,Pickles- 78 boxes,Mosquito coils- 14 boxes,Slippers-42 boxes,Rice – 870 sacks,Pulses(daal)- 264 sacks,Blankets- 18 bundles,Mosquito nets- 10 bundles,Sanitary pads- 125 boxes,Slippers- 44 boxes,Miscellaneous-103 boxes

Tricity Convenor(Khalsa Aid)- Amanjot Singh,Harpreet Singh
Volunteers – Karkirat Singh,Maninder Singh,Mannatraj kaur,Saadat kaur,Pushpinder Singh,Kulvinder Singh,Ravjot Singh,Sandeep Singh,Gurbhej singh,Nazima Shaji,Pramod,Chandirika, Yadav,Rahul,TA Shaji,Subhash Nair,Arvind Pillai,Haripasad,Gurashish,etc.

This selfless service(sewa) and the concept of “sarbat da bhala” (welfare for everyone) was started by guru nanak himself which is still being continued by in 21st century and which will be carried on and on for ages to come.


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