19 February 2021


After managing your home security needs with its remarkable RE-Invent Access Series, Häfele now launches the ideal digital security solution for offices. The new RE-Tro Digital Lock from Häfele comes in a unique and elegant design providing unquestionable security for glass door applications. The beauty of the RE-Tro lock is that it demands absolutely no pre-work on the glass door like creating tedious cut-outs or fixing grooves – the lock can be simply mounted onto an existing glass door through a retro fixing mechanism; easy plug-and-play. RE-Tro combines two access modes – Keypad and RFID – making it a highly secure option for office cabins or other such areas that need limited or exclusive access.

peaking on Digital Home Security Solutions, Mr. Jürgen Wolf, Managing Director, Häfele India, said, “Most home owners in India are constantly worried about the safety of their homes. At Häfele we have created the most advanced technologies in digital access modes, safety features, convenient settings and much more; attempting to provoke a serious thought towards home security. So it’s time to move to a smarter way of life”


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