24 August 2019
A medical engineer by profession, 54 years old Bhupinder Singh, has a rare achievement for this part of the country. He is the first amateur photographer of North India to win the coveted Gold Medal at the CAMARENA Academy, which the largest global online competition platform for photography. Because of his achievements the Academy has also elevated him to the Gold membership in the CA Gold Council for mentoring and judging purposes.
Bhupinder Singh, who started to pursue photography about 18 months ago, with the Tricity Photo ART society, competed with almost 2.6 lakh other photographers at the CAMARENA, which allows minimal post processing and editing of the images.
Before receiving six ‘mentor’s choice’ certifications in one month (for him it was July 2019) for his images that made him qualify for the Gold Medal, Bhupinder Singh’s images won 5 Silver and 4 Bronze medals. Apart from this, Bhupinder Singh has more than 400 acceptances and at least 20 medals through his participation in various national and international photography salons that have the patronage of Federation of Indian Photography (FIP), Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique (FIAP), Photographic Society of America, Image Colleague Society (ICS), International Union of Photographers (IUP), etc.
Bhupinder Singh was recently awarded the AFIP distinction by the Federation of Indian Photography. Earlier, he received the Fellowship distinction from the TPAS too.


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