RAP Album DHEETH released

14 February 2017
“DHEETH- Travelling The  Road  Never Travelled”, is an independent Rap album written, composed and produced by Gautam. This is my second project after “Bhid Ja” a Punjabi Feature Film. I did not know anything about how music is created, neither the technicalities like tempo, scales (sur) nor I know how to play an instrument(Guitar, Piano). I never listened to Hip-Hop ever in my life. I use to think its not understandable. But during the making of Bhid Ja (one and a half year back) I wanted something motivational, and Rap Music really inspired me to go further. At first I thought to make one song only, but then I said, I want the whole Album. I created some tunes on the Guitar and I bought a MIDI keyboard and started making Music for my stories.
First few months were tough. There was a time when I just wanted to break the keyboard into pieces, but slowly slowly I learnt and taught myself about Music. It took me an year to make 8 songs. For income I did three jobs and tried for stand-up comedy at different restaurants. The budget of the Album was 45K- 50K (Forty Five Thousand – Fifty Thousand) and is completed, in that budget too. Two songs were recorded in my room itself. 6 songs were recorded in the studio.
Mixing of the songs is negligible. Lyrics of the songs are REAL, RAW, Straight Forward and hence the feel of the song. Plug-ins like Reverb , Echo has been used negligibly. Infact in the song “Sar Mein” mentioned below, no reverb or any type of computersised effects has been used, to maintain its Reanessl and Rawness.
According to the experts technically the music and mixing is wrong, as I did not know about the technical apects of Music. But I know one thing, i.e. anything that sounds good is music to me and good to watch is a film. Trailer of the album has been made like a short Film itself.
I have given attention to each word, line and alphabet and I’m confident that the songs are amazingly executed and good to listen. Once people will come to know what type of songs are there in my album I would like to sell it on online.


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