13 August 2021


The essence of Raksha Bandhan has changed over the years. From portraying one gender as the weak one, it is now simply an occasion of celebrating sibling bonds, the way it should be. Talisman is all set to join this celebration with its extensive collection of rakhis and accessories.

Scroll down for our top picks apart from the quintessential rakhis and a chance for you to get the best for your siblings.

Four Clover Leaf Bracelet -A part of their Disney collection, no other gift for your sister would be as perfect as this bracelet. Signifying faith, love, hope and luck, the cloverleaf bracelet comes power-packed with all the essential vibes. After all, aren’t you lucky to have her in your life?

White Pave Tag – Is your brother fond of lockets? Then this White Pave Tag should be a part of his accessory collection. Elegant and subtle, the sterling silver tag is just the right size for gifting.

Charm Bracelet -Easily attachable to any watch or bracelet, the ‘colour me red’ charm bracelet is ideal for the sibling who likes dressing up their wrists. These statement pieces with genuine stone/enamel make for a gift that’ll always stay with them.


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