15 August 2020
PTC Network has always cared for the Punjabis of the world and appreciated their hard work, efforts and their contribution for the welfare of the world and their community. The network has always focused on making the Punjabi community proud of their deeds and to establish their Punjabiyat in the world. 
PTC Network is now putting its step forward to bring the young talented common people of Punjab and showcase their talent on the big stage. After bring out the most versatile singers from the show ‘Voice of Punjab’ and child singers from ‘Voice of Punjab Chota Champ’ to all rounder talented Punjabis from the shows like ‘Mr. Punjab’ and ‘Miss PTC Punjabi’, the show is now bringing a talent hunt show, titled ‘Hunar Punjab Da’ for the common people of Punjab.
‘Hunar Punjab Da’ has no specific genre for people to participate and therefore Punjabis can showcase whatever talent they possess in the show.
PTC Network’s President and MD, Rabindra Narayan says “We aim to bring the talented people on board with this show as each one of us possess unique talents and this show will bring forward all kinds of talents. We appreciate each one of ours uniqueness and believes that there is something special in each of us. Therefore, the show will remove all the barriers for people to showcase their talent and not restrict them for a single category.”
The show is being aried at 8:30 PM from Monday to Thursday every week. Judged by the famous and very talented actor Jaswinder Bhalla and the beautiful actress and singer Sara Gurpal, ‘Hunar Punjab Da’ will have a special third guest judge in each of its episodes. The first episode will have singer Sachin Ahuja as the guest judge.



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