Sumeet Kalra, MD of Get Global Immigration Consultants Chandigarh


19 August 2021


While Covid-19 has affected the lives and work of people, it has also affected people’s dreams of settling in foreign countries. Slowly many countries have started opening their doors to the people of India. Immigration expert and MD of Get Global Immigration Consultants Chandigarh Sumeet Kalra offered some suggestions on what steps people should take to pursue their dream of migrating to other countries at this time.

Sumeet told that after being hit by Covid-19, the economy of all countries has been affected and work has slowed down. He said that at this time people wishing to go out to study or settle should invest money only if they or their family are already able to spend that much money. This is not the time to fulfill your foreign dreams by taking a loan or raising money on interest.

He told that whether people want to go to Canada, Russia, Europe, Singapore or anywhere in the world, it is very important for them to plan a budget for that.  Along with that it is most important to keep your backup plan because after going abroad you may have to struggle for 2-3 years, for which it will be very important to keep money in hand for the expenses  already there. Sumeet says that before Covid, children studying outside used to get jobs easily, which made it easy to meet expenses. But now the time has changed and people have to keep money with them to survive in foreign countries without jobs. 

Sumeet told that due to people losing their jobs, people are getting desperate to work in foreign countries, due to which we have started getting influx of people for advice. This has also increased our responsibility. Earlier we used to not do so much investigation but now we have to do an in-depth investigation of the financial background of the people.

Sumeet Kalra

On the reaction of the people to the news of the different flight bans continuously, Sumeet said that people are expressing a lot of disappointment and frustration. In such a situation, my advice would be that people themselves should keep checking the travel advisory or websites of the countries and do not depend only on the agents.  Also, book tickets wisely and use the right platform for booking.

Sumeet informed that depression has increased due to people losing their jobs and not able to go in foreign countries immediately, along with which the lack of knowledge has also increased. In such a situation, my advice to those who want to settle in foreign country is not to spoil your Today in search of better future. Be aware and get complete information about your immigration consultation company or agent, otherwise you can be a victim of fraud. For this, check their license, see all the necessary documents and reviews on every platform. At such a time, blindly following someone will not fulfill your dream of going out, as well as you may become a victim of fraud and forced to wander place from place to get your work done.


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