19 July 2021


Shilpa Dhar launched the book, ‘Venus Mars – Love and Marriage’, authored by Acharya P.  Khurrana, the leading Astrologer of International repute during a specially organized press conference held on July 19, 2021, in Hotel Mount View, Chandigarh. At the outset Mr. Khurrana welcomed the august gathering and gave a detailed introduction about the book. Since time immemorial, in the history of Vedic astrology, predictions regarding marriages were prophesied by the art of horoscope matching. But the question here is, whether all those marriages are successful. He has unraveled the answers in his book, ‘Venus Mars – Love & Marriage’. In his book he has highlighted the importance of studying Jupiter while matching the horoscopes. He has also mentioned and quoted many examples of horoscopes in his book.

Thereafter, Acharya Khurrana talked about his profession. He stated that there are many intellectuals, across the country who have been inquisitive to know about continuation of his legacy. There have been a number of instances when some top bureaucrats and doctors have approached him with the request to accept them to carry forward his legacy; however, he has always refused, because he didn’t find any spiritual mettle in them. Despite the fact that a number of people had approached him for his legacy, he was unable to decide until he met Shilpa Dhar, who shared the dias with him. She selflessly passed all the tough examinations of the Guru, thereby today he felt honored to pass on his legacy to Miss Shilpa Dhar, while blessing her with a shawl. Mr. Khurrana also confessed that 19th July 2021, is the most important day of his life, as he has chosen a suitable disciple to forward his legacy after him. On this occasion he quoted the lines of Chanakaya, “legacy is not necessarily to be passed on to your own blood but to the one who qualifies for it”. Besides, he stressed on the fact that wisdom should be imparted before you leave the earthly plain. However, he declared that he will not retire from his work. He also stated that every other person he met wanted to be an overnight star, unlike Miss Shilpa, who had tremendous patience to wait for this day. Apart from being a spiritual person, she is an extremely talented and hard core writer. Having authored four books, her last book, ‘Seven Lessons Cinema Taught me’, had an outstanding achievement on Amazon. I once told her to author a book, which to my surprise was penned down by her in just three day. Writing two hundred pages, in just one go speaks volumes about her dedication.

On this auspicious and memorable occasion, Shilpa Dhar shared that this was the most precious day of her life where her Guru Acharya P. Khurrana ji has bestowed upon his legacy to her. She stated that what marks her Guru different from the rest is his Divine connection with the Supreme Lord. Whatever he prophesied for her came true so far. She compared him to Sage Parashara and Sage Jamini who have contributed in giving a new dimension to Vedic Astrology, known as Parashara and Jamini Vedic Astrology. She quoted that the day would not be far when a new algorithm of divination science will be contributed and known for generations to come by the name of Acharaya P. Khurrana, decoding Astrology. As the times have changed and we are all sitting in the era of Kalyuga, the concepts and trends of the ancient Vedic astrology are to be viewed with the aid of new lenses. She stressed upon the fact that we have a scientific approach towards all human problems, be it Vastu Shastra or Jotish Shastra. She emphasized that her Guru never ever promotes bias, superstition or any myth like in his book Venus Mars he has stressed upon the superstition that revolves around being a Manglik. In conclusion, she said that without the blessing of a true Guru a person can’t cross the tough ocean of life and thanked her Guru with all her soul for being a Sakshat Paramatma for her.

During this occasion Mr. Gurpreet Ghuggi, Actor and Politician, who was the esteemed guest of honor congratulated Shilpa Dhar and P. Khuranna for his 34th book launch. Mr Ghuggi told that Shilpa Dhar is also known for being a good actress; besides, being a pious and spiritual soul and was very happy to know that Mr Khurrana has passed on his legacy to her.

Apart from this, many Bollywood celebrities including Jackie Shroff, Karan Kundra , Meet Brothers etc and Tv stars wished Shilpa good luck for this endeavour.”


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