28 November 2020


To Create awareness on Common Spine Problems and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeriesa team of Doctors from Paras Hospitals Panchkula addressed the media person today. Present on the occasion were Dr Anil Dhingra, Associate Director Neuro Surgery & Dr Rajeev Garg Consultant Neuro Surgery from Paras Hospital Panchkula.

Interacting with Media persons Dr Anil Dhingra said “every 5th Indian in the age group of 20 -30 years is suffering from some sort of Spinal Problem, which a decade ago, were seen only in Senior Citizens. There has been 60 % rise in Spinal problems in youth in recent past.
Change in lifestyle, weight gain, and lack of Vitamin D, B12, calcium and protein are the major reasons for youngsters complaining about severe neck and back pain. He said that patients are also reaching from Srinagar, Leh-Ladakh, Kanpur, Nainital, Bhatinda etc. to get spine surgery done at Paras Hospital. 

“Prolonged sitting in the same posture can also add a tremendous amount of pressure to the back muscles and spinal discs, also a wrong position can over-stretch the spinal ligaments and strain the spinal discs which leads to major pain in back and neck. This is the prime reason for rise in back problems among youths. While spinal problems are becoming common, significant advancements in spinal surgery have also been made in India. It has progressed from 3-month bed rest surgery to day care surgery said Dr Anil Dhingra. This all has been possible with Key whole Spine Surgery or TILIF. 

Patients who have severe back pain, numbness or weakness in upper or lower limbs and are not responding to non-surgical treatments like non-steroidal, pain killers, anti-inflammatory drugs and physiotherapy are recommended the recent Technique of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery,  to stabilize vertebrae, removing damaged Disc and decompress the pinched nerves, to relief pain and eliminate painful symptoms by decreasing pressure on nerves that are caused by herniated discs, spinal stenosis, bone spurs or tumors. 

‘Speaking on the occasion Dr Rajeev Garg said that ”Our spine is made up of multiple small bones, inter-vertebral discs that act as shock absorbers. Because of incorrect usage, the discs start drying up in the lower spine which bears the load. This weakens the back. Further pressure may rupture the discs or pinch the spinal cord’s nerve. This can cause severe pain shooting down the leg. This can be avoided by making healthy lifestyle changes.’

On this occasion, Mr. Ashish Chadha , Facility Director of Paras  said that at Paras Hosp Panchkula, we offer World Class Neuro Sciences services, as we have a team of Doctors who have been trained in the Best Hospital in India & Abroad, with a backup of dedicated Neuro ICUs, Silent MRI, CT scan, In-house Blood Bank and PENTERO Microscope which give 600 % Magnification while doing Neuro & Spine Surgery. He also shared that Paras Hospital Panchkula is Empanelled with Haryana Govt, Himachal Govt CGHS, and all major corporates and all type on Non Invasive & Surgical treatment for Neuro & Spine ailments are offered under   one roof at Paras Hospital Panchkula. 

Advantage of minimally invasive spine surgery

1.    Smaller incision

2.    Less pain

3.    Small scar

4.    Less chances of infection

5.    Early discharge from hospital

6.    Early return to work

7.    No Blood Loss.

8.    Majority of Procedures can be done in Local Anesthesia.

9.    Minimal Damages to Muscles & Ligaments.

Tips to keep your Spine Healthy:

1. Targeted simple exercises can strengthen your core and joints

2. A healthy diet of lean proteins, healthy fats and lots of fruits and veggies is ideal for building a lean body and muscles that support the spine

3. To improve the condition of your spine, supplement your diet with a multivitamin along with a B-complex and Omega-3s, as they have been shown to help decrease pain in the spine nerves

4. Try to spend 10 to 20 minutes in the sunlight every day.

5. Studies suggest that insufficient sleep is associated with neck and back problems. Get between six and eight hours of sleep. Sleep in a position that enables the spine to relax.

6. A good posture is defined as ears aligned with the shoulders. In a proper alignment, spinal stress is diminished

7. Neck & Back stretches can improve the health of the cervical spine.


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