New Delhi

5 November 2018


“Gadbadi” is a country style Hindi pop song with a simple sing along melody.

The song is written and composed by Udit Shandilya, a 20 year of old from Aligarh U.P.

Last year the young powerhouse of talent debuted with his super successful album Gudiya Rani that celebrated the Girl Child. Gadbadi cherishes the doubts & confusion that a young girl goes through yet paves her path with positive and a never dying spirit. Gadbadi was picked by the TTL social, a vertical of the Timeliners one of India’s leading digital online life style channels.

“The song is inspired by my girlfriend who used to be confused all the time about most things in life and yet whenever it was time to take action , she just got going always with a smile and a dekha jayega attitude. She never failed because she leapt with a positive faith. I have learnt so much from her. This song is an ode to that spirit. I am sure it will resonate with many girls, ” explains Udit.

“In this moment of #Metoo in times plagued with limited, corrupt and pervert mindsets, there are those who want to stand up & make a difference. As a music label it is our clear intention to amplify the ideas and voices that have substance. We take it upon us to inspire, steer careers of our artists -the future torch bearers of our society to stand up for what is right and continuously contribute to the society through their art & craft,” said Taran Mehndi – owner of DRecords, a woman who strongly advocates a pollution free society both of the inner environs (the mind) & that of outer environs (our society, our planet).

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