24 June 2018

Nature is beautiful as everyone knows, but rarely people admit that they are spoiling the real elements of Nature by their habits. Artists of Gilard Electronics showcased a musical play which stressed upon the need to save environment and change hazardous habits of humans. Written and Directed by environmentalist Ms. Guneet Sethi, play “Der aaye Durust aaye” depicts the actual beauty of Nature.

Der Aaye Durust Aaye is a play focused on Environmental Concerns and more importantly brings to the minds of the audience how general public is responsible for deterioration of environment, highlighting simple ways in which our improved habits will support environment conservation.

The play held on Thursday at Gilard Electronics, Mohali witnessed a huge response from audience. Chief Guest on the occasion was Sandeep Hans, MC Commissioner, Mohali. Others present on occasion were Bhupinder Kaur, CII, Punjab; H.S. Sethi, Chairman, Gilard Electronics; Sanjiv Singh, MD, Gilard Electronics and some others.

The play starts with the time when earth was formed and Air, water and earth were totally fresh and unpolluted. It takes the audience back in old days when lives were simple with basic needs and abundance of natural resources.

It further portrays how over the years with modernization, our lives have become complicated and demanding. In our busy lives we are more focused on luxuries and comforts with little or no attention towards saving the natural resources. The play shows the evolution and development of humans. How construction, vehicles, tele-communication and human luxuries started to pollute the environment. In a nut shell we have taken the Nature – Land, Water & Air for granted and if we do not change for the better, nature itself will destroy life on this planet.

Everything is depicted through a musical way. There are no dialogues in this play. Artists stress upon the need of the hour by their strong acting and expressions. They give out a message of “Say no to plastics”. Also, there are many messages in this one play only. Noise pollution, water pollution, excessive construction needs to be stopped other Nature can actually show it’s colors by Earthquakes, floods and many other disasters.

Towards the end the play draws attention towards the need to change some habits in daily routine to save the environment. Artists also give out a message to segregate waste from your homes and give a helping hand to new Scheme of Municipal corporation. The play ends with a song sung by an artist to spread the message of Swachh bharat abhiyan.

Sandeep Hans, Commissioner, MC applauded the efforts put by director and artists to spread the awareness. He said, “We need to save environment for our coming generation so that they can also enjoy the beauty of Nature. It is a concern that we need to take forward. If we keep on spoiling our nature, we will soon be facing it’s horrific form.”

While talking about plastic he said, “Plastic is something humans made for their comfort. But no one paid attention that plastic can be dangerous for our environment. We need to start the no plastic campaign from our homes only. It will inspire others to stop the use of plastic.” Later, talking about the scheme of MC to segregate waste, he said,”Most people are not aware of the 3rd type of waste. Wet waste, dry waste and there is one more ‘Bio-medical waste’. The expired medicines, used diapers, sanitary pads and other medical waste thay comes out form our homes is ‘Bio-medical waste’. It needs to be treated separately as it is the main reason street dogs and other animals are becoming aggressive by eating it. It’s a toxic-waste and needs to be treated properly to avoid circumstances.

The Director of the Play, Ms. Guneet Sethi is an environmentalist and her annual plays are shared with masses for awareness and sensitization. Her team of fourteen actors, three of whom are hearing and speech impaired, has done full justice to their roles and to the objective of the play. The audience gets the message with entertainment and humour, thereby retaining their interest till the end.

The play artists were also felicitated by the chief guest on the occasion, including, Nisha, Ashish Mohan, Rajni, Alka Rani, Rajinder Kaur, Nidhi Bali, Sapna Devi, Madhu, Preeti, Amanpreet Singh, Amandeep Singh, Gurpreet Kaur.


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