25 December 2019


If someone plays a DJ on a club, restaurant or open space on the new year, then it will be mandatory to take the license of PPL. In a petition filed by PPL against seven big hotels and restaurants in Chandigarh, the  Punjab High Court and Bombay High Court have issued stay orders on playing music without license from PPL. Due to this order, if any hotel or restaurant plays music without the license of the PPL, then they will face music of  contempt of court and  copyright act violation, said counsel Kanwar Walia.

On the petitions filed by the PPL, such orders were issued by all courts in Mohali, Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta etc. last year to protect their rights under the copyright act. All the big hotels and restaurants like JW Marriott, Hyatt Regency, Taj, Radisson do not play music without license from PPL for many years. Counsel said that  District Court of Chandigarh has put a stay on 19 restaurants and lounges.


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