Mother’s Day Special: She is


Words and paragraphs may not be enough,

Nor a bundle of million page books,
Yet at times only deeds are enough,
Or a simple gesture of love.
She is not the fiery sun,
Leaving us behind every night,
Nor is she the beautiful moon,
Bidding farewell every morning.
She is the never ending sky,
A fearless warrior, yet a loving human,
Sacrificing her freedom while fighting for ours,
Forgetting her world while gathering ours,
She is an enigma, hidden behind the curtains,
And a muse inspiring generations.
She is a mother, guiding us through our path,
Protecting while adoring, helping while understanding,
She is our world, bringing us to the living.

– Somya Sephalika Mohanty, Bhubaneswar, Odisha


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