30 July 2018


Onset of Monsson is defenitely a refreshing respite from scorching summer heat and sunburn. But Untimely and intermittent rain topped with humid weather also takes toll on good health of your skin, smudges stunning makeup you did and invites vivid skin and hair issues. Monsoon is certainly refreshing weather after scorching summer heat but the season also brings plethora of skin and hair woes to give you sleepless nights. To keep these problems at bay an innovative monsoon beauty event was organised by ace beauty expert Mallika Gambhir, Persona beauty and makeovers. Workshop aimed at providing solutions from Monsoon ridden beauty and skin problems. 

Workshop proved to be informative for many professional women, entrepreneurs and housewives who were gathered from the city and were inquisitive to get answers for skin and hair troubles in rainy weather,  they were provided with solutions to fend off monsoon skin and hair problems.Womenfolks tried Kasmara facials and aromatherapy skin rejuvenation treats that transformed their skin and unveiled healthy, radiant, beautiful skin . The aroma of pure essential oils elated and refreshed their fagged nerves, but also nourished the skin & stimulated the senses. An exclusive session was also conducted on picking the right beauty and hair product according to texture and type of skin and according to condition of scalp and texture of hair.  Workshop intended to render  right treatment for monsoon. Innovative skin analysis session along with Diet counselling and  natural remedies demonstration were conducted. Joining the workshop and adding glamour quotient to it was Mrs Asia pacific exquisite international, Shivani Sharma.

Mallika Gambhir further explained “The monsoon in India; not only brings out the beautiful colors but also the damp and humid weather which takes arduous toll on your skin, no matter what your skin type is Pollution, dirt, dust, grime and the harmful UV rays of the sun are the crucial reasons why your skin is prone to damage.The outcome is disastrous as the skin tends to accumulate oil & sweat resulting in hideous pimples, eruptions, rough patches, skin infections and dull looking skin. We through this invigorating workshop have tried to bust various myths pertaining to monsoon skin care and tried to help women deal with these problems.


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