We are living in a modern world where technology is taking over humans. More often we tend to overlook the importance of other people in our life. Today we are going to tell you some important facts which are making relationships harder now.

Earlier people used to make things work and not look for other options available to them. But now more than one option is available for each of us. This is the main reason no one is willing to make their love grow out of hard times rather find someone else.

Lack of communication

You must have heard it many times that Communication is the key to successful relationships. It certainly is. In this busy world we try to avoid people and situations that make us stressed. But it is very important that you communicate with your partner regarding the things that make you troubled. Otherwise it can lead to distance between you both.

Different Goals

As our relationships reach certain levels, we get to know about each other’s goals in life. It is not necessary that we all have same dreams and ambitions. This also creates tension when partners have different goals and doesn’t understand other partner’s perspective about life.


Most partners have the habit of commanding their partner regarding small things. It looks good in the starting phase of the relationship but later your partner can feel dominated by your behavior. He/She can feel restricted and later it can lead to breakups as well.

Lack of efforts

Run away from things or situations that give you tension. Easy option? It might look easy to ignore those situations or people that give you stress. But have you ever tried to solve the problems that comes your way? We tend to forget about the small efforts that can make our partner happy. It takes a single Good morning text, a rose, a call just to say I miss you or a long drive when your partner feeling low that can make a lot difference.

Pointing each other’s fault

Is it my mistake today? If yes then also lets bring the past mistakes of my partner so that I can win the argument. This is what most people do in relationships now a days. Each time bringing past mistakes and pointing finger on your partner can only help you bitter your relationship. It will do no good to any of you nor will it solve any fight. If you wish to stay with your partner for long then stop this habit of yours and start discussing only present situation.

There are so many issues that present generation couples are facing. But the only solution to all the problems is Love. Be it any of the situation in life or your relationship, deal with love. Have faith on your partner, let your love grow and then see how magical this love makes your life.


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