Ministry of AYUSH Sanctions Research Project by Amity University Punjab’s Dean 



3 August 2023


Dr. Chanderdeep Tandon, the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences and Engineering at Amity University Punjab has received the official sanction for his groundbreaking research project titled “Application of Integrated Personal Omics Profiling in Treatment of Urolithiasis using Homeopathic Approaches” from the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH), Ministry of AYUSH.

Dr. Chanderdeep Tandon said, “Urolithiasis, commonly known as kidney stones, is a prevalent and painful condition affecting millions of people worldwide. My research aims to explore the innovative application of Integrated Personal Omics Profiling,  combined with homeopathic approaches, to revolutionize the treatment of this debilitating ailment.”
It is pertinent to mention that  this project holds the potential to redefine medical approaches and improve patient outcomes significantly.
Notably, Dr. Tandon’s exceptional expertise in the field of medical research and his tireless dedication to advancing knowledge has been recognized on multiple platforms. His selection for this prestigious research project by the CCRH is a testament to his exemplary commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific inquiry in the realm of urolithiasis treatment.

Applauding Dr. Tandon’s achievement, Dr. RK Kohli, Vice Chancellor of the university said, “It’s a proud moment for all the faculty members and Amity University, Punjab students. Dr Tandon’s  relentless pursuit of excellence in research has always been an inspiration to the entire academic community. We firmly believe that his research project has the potential to bring about transformative changes in urolithiasis treatment, benefitting countless individuals worldwide.”


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